Our Sponsors

Different brands are part of our sponsors giving recognition and credibility to our digital magazine. Every sponsor knows that Munster Images has a large readership. For this reason, they understand that showing up in our magazine will make a very positive contribution to their brands.

Foto Estudio PH

Featured image Our Sponsors Foto Estudio PH  - Our Sponsors

This incredible store in Dublin was the first major sponsor of our magazine. They approached our founder to offer the magazine their photography sets to capture the image of the professionals we interviewed.

Foto Estudio PH is a beautiful place where they always make us feel at home.

Photo Rapid Digital

Featured image Our Sponsors Photo Rapid Digital - Our Sponsors

This place inspires you to compose wonderful digital photographs. They are in charge of editing the photographs of most of the special events that we publish on our site. Their results make each image a visual and magical experience for our visitors.

Dream Travellers

Featured image Our Sponsors Dream Travellers - Our Sponsors

This travel agency became our sponsor when we toured some countries in Europe where we could capture incredible landscapes that you can see in several sections of our magazine. Dream Travellers is an agency that without a doubt invites us to daydream by living amazing journeys that we can capture in pictures.

Lumen Dublin

Featured image Our Sponsors Lumen Dublin - Our Sponsors

They are an incredible team of professional people who teach basic photography techniques. They became our sponsors to provide our readers with different tools that make them advance and improve in the area of photography.

For this reason, Lumen Dublin contributes to articles filled with tips and tools so that both beginners and advanced photographers can learn to master photography.


Featured image Our Sponsors Flasherz - Our Sponsors

Flasherz is a shop that specializes in offering photo equipment such as tripods, lamps, image stabilizers, memories, chargers, batteries, and even instruction manuals. They provide us with the equipment our team uses to capture quality images published in the magazine.

Although Munster Images began as a final project for our founder’s university studies, the sponsors have helped us make it a reliable source of information for photography lovers. Through their sponsorship, they have provided us with first-hand experiences to capture images and moments that build our magazine and give a special use to readers who visit the website.