About Munster Images

Since she was very young, Katherine Morton felt passion for photography and audiovisual art, so she decided to study audiovisual communication at the University of Ireland.

There, she fell in love with photography to such an extent that she wanted her final project to be a magazine filled with content to help photography fans to perfect their skills and become better.

The magazine became something very special for Morton and she began to receive good comments from those who read it. After that, what first began as a dream, finally came true when Munster Images was born.

Munster Images is more than just a photography website, we strive to make every reader live an experience that makes them want to come back every day to learn or simply enjoy watching the incredible photographs captured by our professionals.

The magazine is formed by an incredible team of professionals and non-pro photography lovers who work hard to compile the best articles with all the useful tips you need. Munster Images provides the most up-to-date information and inspiration for readers to capture amazing images in a heartbeat.

What We Do

Featured image About Munster Images What We Do - About Munster Images

Our team is focused on creating content that will help photographers learn from the professionals, as well as entertain them with incredible and amazing photographs of special events. This magazine provides photography tips and suggestions to amateurs and professionals who want to improve themselves.

At Munster Images, you’ll find articles covering a wide range of topics, from resources and tips to recommendations and reviews from professional photographers. We always strive to keep each article friendly and accessible for people with all levels of skill and expertise, as this broadens our reader base. 

If you’re as passionate about photography as we are, you should take a few minutes out of your day to check out Munster Images. Through the amazing photographs taken by professionals, you’ll be inspired to capture unforgettable moments.

You’ll also give your skills a boost by using the tips and tricks we share in our articles. Our team is constantly working on uploading new content that is sure to keep our readers happy and moving forward. Take time out of your lunch break, every morning or after a long day, and enjoy all of Munster Images’ content while having a drink or tasting your favourite snack.